Sunday, 17 October 2010

Are There Any Good Samaritans Left ?

Would you intervene if you saw someone in trouble?

I was shocked as I got of the train to see a fellow passenger being held in a headlock by another passenger. The passenger in the headlock cried out for assistance and was completely ignored by a crowd of people who thought it was ok to stare, but didn't want to get 'involved'.

I ran up the platform to find a member of staff and led a rather stroppy uniformed penguin to the incident. At the same time, the prisoner was released and the member of staff turned to blow her whistle, to prompt the train to depart. I interrupted her.

"Are you nuts? You've just seen what he did to that passenger and you want to let him remain on the train, to potentially do the same thing to other passengers? Don't you realise you have a duty of care when your wearing that uniform to the safety of your passengers?" I said angrily.

"It's not my problem!", was her curt response.

If we all take the same charming attitude that she did, then does that mean the self preservation will take preference over helping someone in trouble.

I really hope not.

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