Thursday, 7 October 2010

Express Yourself !

Work has been nuts...totally and completely nuts and maybe it's just what I needed after this the relevation from L that she is still in contact with her cheating X. He is now in 'therapy' for his 'issues' - I've never heard the inability to commit or habitual need to cheat on your other half, ever described as 'issues' before !

L reminds me so much of the mire of 'what if',I've been guilty in the past of wallowing in. I admit It is amazing how clearly you see crappy situations and the shitty behaviour of people when you are not directly having to deal with it.

Its another one of those relationship things, that I've finally figured out. Staying with someone, because you're worried you won't find someone else is hardly the premise of someone with a healthy outlook at relationships; or the likelihood to be in the right state to be able to form good ones.

O finally got back in touch (not text) which is of course the death nail to any association. His cheery remoteness amused me.

" Thanks for being understanding. Finished presentation. Totally shattered, so signing off, but I've got your number, so I'll call you."

Wow Hoo lucky, lucky me - something to look forward to ? I think not!

I'm not alone in the manless desert though, our resident office sex bomb BS chimed

"This has been my worst drought since I was 14!", At least I'm in esteemed company!

E-mail seems to be the weapon of choice for emotional outbursts also. This fabulous eruption was frantically tapped out and sent by a colleague, who finding her chair had been misappropriated, shared her venom with us all, under the aptly titled subject of 'Stealing Chairs'


Whoever keeps stealing my chair - which is super low so that my laptop screen is eye level and I don't end up squinting even more than I already do and becoming a total hunchback - STOP IT!

And no, getting a monitor won't help because at the moment I have to choose whether I want to use my laptop or write on old school paper as the bank of desks I sit at, is half the depth of every other desk and there isn't space for both, so no space for a monitor. And stealing another person's chair is just passing the problem somewhere else. Also all the other spare chairs won't lower !

Also, fyi, there is an entire stationary department in the building They have pens. Tonnes of them in lots of difference colours, so stop stealing mine !

I don't even care that this e mail is petty and ridiculous. I've had enough !!

Maybe there was something in the water, because prior to that funny e-rant, I erupted on finding out my new work desk buddy is none other than Super Dad.

SD is the type of parent, who believes that every waking moment of their child's existence should be recorded, as if failing to do so is somehow some offence against nature and anyone who happens to be alive. I swear if his kid so much as burps in a 'special' way, he whips his camera out faster than you can say pocket money !

When he didn't sit beside me, whenever the I-phone was pulled out with some new pics for universal admiration, complimented by an overly rambling story about said child, I would always slip away, returning to my desk only when I was completely sure that his tome was finished.

Don't get me wrong - I love children and part of my search for Mr OK (he's been demoted from Mr Right Now, because let's be honest, my calibre of suitor recently has been pretty pants!), is that I do want to be a wife and mother. I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but a Diva can dream can't she ?

But that doesn't mean to say I want to have the life of someone who already done it (smug marrieds, people who have suddenly become parents after trying for ages and then never stop banging on about their kids, sometimes unbelievably patronisingly so - "You're time will come"!, along with a pitying head lean which makes you feels like shit!)

It is way beyond annoying and just like the email,I'm not taking it lying down. I'm moving desks - tomorrow. There are some tortures which are too much to bear and this is one of them !

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