Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Laugh til You Cry !

As you all know I am a diva who likes to laugh..... hard! My laugh has been described at various times as being 'sexy', 'filthy', 'downright dirty' and 'infectious'.

With a weapon like that in my life's personality arsenal, it is fair to say that dates and friends need to be able to to turn my dial and make me laugh like a drain hopefully as often as possible.

C didn't let me down today. She called from her hotel to fill me in on her date with her man of choice....the only way I can describe these two is being like a downmarket version of Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis on Moonlighting.

This throughly daft pair of star-crossed lovers have been dancing around each other for the last 3 months. Neither of them will actually admit to liking the other, just in case they are wrong and make tits of themselves.

So far he's told a few people he thinks she is super hot and she's got slaughtered, but it didn't stop her saying explaining in exact detail what she wanted to do to him. Since both omissions they have been quietly been getting to know each other.

This they both ended up at a conference. He suggested they go jogging together, then forgot to bring his trainers. She was disappointed to hear he planning to go out for a few drinks with the boys.

That is until he showed up in the hotel lobby ready to take her out. After slipping into some killer heels and a dress that could get an angel in trouble, they set off on the short walk to the restaurant.

"I was so bloody happy to be spending time with him, that I got stomach craps, and then I sort of couldn't breathe, cause I was excited and then I really let myself down!"

"What did you do?", I replied, steadying myself for an impending belly laugh.

"Well it was all going really, really well, until I farted!"

"You did what?", I said laughing so hard, that I couldn't hold back the tears.

"I farted, really loudly. So loudly I couldn't even pass it off as someone else, as there was only the two of us there, and he knew it wasn't him that did it !".

"I know I said make an impression, I meant a good one, not a long lingering one", I said, just about able to speak.

"You not gonna tell anyone are you are you?" C pleaded.

"Are you kidding, this is comedy gold cherub", I said still laughing.

"Well at least don't use my name?"

"No problem Chenelle !"

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