Monday, 11 October 2010

Holy Moly - Men Can Be Real Bitches !

There is nothing funnier than watching two testosterone soaked men, circling each other like two Essex girls at a Cricket dress sale, before going at it over the most trival arguement ever !

I couldn't resist staying behind at work to finish off my prep notes for a virtual training session I was holding with the States. My new neighbour aka Mr Mom - the man who loves his child tooooo much, had to work late.

To prevent the ineventual conversation about his child's latest amazing feat, I popped my headphones in and prayed he would shut up. No such joy.

His boss whose management expertise consists of last minute.comitis - the ability to leave everything business priority tasks to the very last minute and then expect your entire team to work late, to save your arse !); was on the war path.

The arguement between Mr Mum and Mr Last Minute started over nothing, but it got lively enough for me to remove my headphones and listen in, while still tapping furiously on my keyboard.

Mr Last Minute started with a few upper cuts before delivering a low blow.

"You lied about this piece of work and consequently, the whole body of work need to be revisited. I don't like liars!"

It turns out that being called a liar is the button, that can turn Mr Mom into the incredible Hulk and he hit back (verbally!), with a body rocking upper cut.

"How dare you! How dare you call me a liar. I am sitting here trying to make sense of work model that doesn't work. I've been given inconsistent information, which I am trying to reconcile. I'm tired, I'm frustrated and you've just been riding me. I just don't need it or appreciate it. I've got too much work today!"

"Too much to do. I give you real work, let's really get you spinning some plates. That's what I do every day. The fact of the matter is you lied and I don't like it!"

That's when Mr Mom fired the salvo no boss wants to hear from a member of staff during a crisis they've delegated to their team to handle.

"I'm telling you again don't call me a liar. I made a mistake, I gave you some information I believed to be true and as it turns out it's not. Don't you talk to me like that. Remember I'm a contractor, I don't have to stay here working late and if you continue like this ....I'll walk. I mean it, I'll walk!".

My typing speeded up considerably, as I tried to look like I was so into my work that I couldn't hear the arguement. Heaven only knows how I mentioned to keep from laughing out loud at these two peacocks trying to prove who could shout the loudest.

We all think that women are nature's bitches (when pushed), but after that little handbag shuffle, I say the men have it by a whisker!

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