Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween and Chillin'

Halloween started out with a bang, when I discovered that putting your costume in an identical bag to your general rubbish isn't the smartest thing to do and I ended up of course grabbing the wrong bag in a hurry.

I only noticed my error during a costume show and tell of our Halloween outfits at work!

I went back home at lunchtime, picked up the right bag, then bolted out of my house in time to demonstrate my best sprinting action, as I just managed to catch the bus back to the railway station.

By the end of the day, we were all up for a serious dose of Halloween mischief. Over the space of two hours, we transformed ourselves into jacked up clowns, black cats, Death, dead zebras (sick, but inspired from MVH and mega popular with the ladies!) and my personal favourite, because it was my own costume - a Graveyard cemetery angel !

I managed to shake my booty, despite wearing a to the floor dress and negotiating angel wings that started the evening erect, but ended up misshapen and slightly wonky.

Just before the stroke of midnight, I found myself in a taxi with I. I joined our company a few months ago and is definitely one of life's good guys - articulate, mega intelligent, cheeky beyond belief and one of those rare grown-up men, who tells you like it is, completely unvarnished.

Boy did we talk! Life, relationships, work, music, family, religion...the works...just the type of conversations I love.

I'd forgotten how cool is is to hang out with a guy and just banter. You see aside from F and my other treasured male buddies, finding new men you can have a laugh and a joke with and some general banter can be difficult. If they are also cute (a rarity for me, since I like more quirky men) they are like an endangered species.

The fact that I is my age means we can cut to the chase. Talk about silly things and have a common reference points. With the serious stuff, there isn't the need to chase our tails trying to make things over complicated, when putting the world to rights from the safety of a comfy couch.

The banter was so good, that it took me until 2pm to realise I was absolutely starving. Before you could say 'What's in your fridge', he was whizzing round the kitchen and whipped up a 'Masterchef' moment. without a batting an eyelid....result and bloody tasty too !

Before you get excited no there's no need to buy a hat!. I've long since stopped planning that happy endings with eligible men, just because we get along.

Also, he spent 20 minutes banging on about two sweet little poppets of eyecandy he hangs out with regularly. He even showed me a picture of them kissing, which looked like one of those dreamy indie album covers.

One of the two, he most definitely has a thing for, even though he didn't admit it, but that's some men for you....always give the impression that they are keeping their options open, even when they're hooked up - the little devils !

In fact it's misreading 'moments' and maybes like that by me, that has most definitely contributed to some of my previous relationships failings and idealistic expectations on the relationship front.

Fortunately, I seem to be getting better at figuring that stuff out....well sort of !

I know I'm not in the right place to deal with anyone right now, because I am completely knackered. What a year it's been! It's been bloody great and bloody hard as well.

I'm a little frustrated with myself. Work has been beyond great, since leaving HWMBO's regime, I have become one fierce, fearless diva!

My house is getting there, it more BBish and less old lady decorating mistake !

But my personal stuff has been beyond pants, in fact it's been a real challenge to be party to and to own to my mistakes and issues.

The good news is I'm finally out of that roller-coaster funk of self doubting and loathing and am looking forward to much deserved happier times.

This good fortune awaits all of us who continue to live in hope and trust in good stuff and good people entering our lives if we just believe it and live it.

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