Friday, 15 October 2010

The Not So Great Date

No not favourite Aussie minx LL, fought against the tide and decided that a younger man (22) might well be the answer to her man drought. She has been avoiding men since her last 'boy' handed her the bill for his weekend with her, when she paid a little too much attention (he thought) to someone else.

She met the 22 year old in a bar, and in a wine soaked fun haze, found him charming (despite his broken Italian English, cute (pub lighting is always so flattering!), fun (he laughed at her jokes) and ultimately was the complete opposite of the guys she's been used to.

They went out to dinner this week and of course the next day, our little click, couldn't wait to hear all the gory details.

"Good or bad?" I said using my Caesar gladitor thumb move.

"Pretty rubbish" she replied laughing hard.

After my morning latte, I swing my chair round to face her and get a full date debrief.

During the course of a fragmented date she identified three deal breakers for any girl about town.

1 Mr Wonderful shared a room with one other to save money - being careful with your money when you're young is totally acceptable,, but get your love interest to sign on the dotted line, that she's ok to share cheeky moments with you, and an uninvited other is pushing things.

2 He had their entire relationship mapped out to June next year including Christmas holiday and mini breaks,

3 He was a bad kisser - some things you should really be good at and if you are rubbish at them, you should get to grips with pronto.

With the memory and remnants of a particularly rubbish snogging session flashing before her eyes, she decided that she had to tell him that she couldn't take things any further.

"Why are all of my dates so rubbish?" she wailed.

"Maybe because you go after what you shouldn't babe. 10 years between a man and women are like dog years. He's not in a place you need him to be and you are where he's going to be in surprise, surprise 10 years !". We both laughed.

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