Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Apprentice

Hooray my favourite show the Apprentice is back and already the sparks are flying.

I have lost my heart to the Irishman Jim, who has so far defused one row and talked a green grocer into selling him the ingredients for the challenge's tomato soup for next to nothing.

"Bottom up not top down - I didn't want to speculate, to accommulate"
explained the men's project manager, when trying to explain his product costing strategy.

The grumpy very grumpy accountant Edward kept respondng to Lord Sugar's questin in short quarter sound bites that made little sense.

Edward's dying caesar moment came when his nerdy colleague pointed out that he was trying so desperately to be perceived as anything other than an accountant, he'd actually forgotten the accountancy basics.

The delicious boardroom showdown descented into a 'I've got bigger balls than you' moment from Edward, who was promptly cut up by Gavin who had the nerve to query his business acumen.

Cue laugh out loud moment of the show when Edward responded that

"I'm the youngest and the shortest one here and I gave it a go. I rolled with the punches"

At that moment we all knew he was for high jump. In the back of a departing cab, he delivered a rousing mission statement.

"I'm only 25,the world is my oyster, I'm just gona roll with the punches!"

Genius. Pure genius and best of all another episode tomorrow!

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