Thursday, 19 May 2011

Friend Envy!

Oh no I have been cursed recently with friend envy.

In the last three weeks I have been witness to nothing but good things happening to my friends. T is off to SEA for work...for three months, G is pregnant after 2 failed IVF attempts.

The Fireman has asked RA to move in with him - yep after only four months.... he is the real deal !

J just brought her dream a massive discount. A is back at the top of the tree, following a company takeover which has ousted the Means Girls and left her firmly in charge.

Finally, Big G who's been online for 2 weeks has met a wonderful lady and described his first date with her as 'amazing'.

I have to claim lots of glory on this one, because for once following my advice he is now no longer dating. He isn't resting on his laurels either (well it would be a waste considering how many women have contacted him) and is has

I am truly happy for them all because they are my friends and I love them all dearly, but it feels like my quota of joy has somehow flatlined on route to me.

My pitch I hope is being pored over by a CEO and Marketing Director who recognises it as being different to how they do things now. Aside from this bright spot I feel a little out of sorts.

I've finally found a new home for Pop, after numerous 'not quite what I'm looking for' viewings, the last one culminating in a Northside excurison to a place I can only describe as being supremely depressing.

The flat itself was big enough to swing a cat in and we walked out double-time.

I never fail to be amazed at the balls of some people trying to charge West End prices for flats in outer, outer travel zones and this property search has really got me thinking what happens to Pop when he gets older.

It's also been the catalyst for a Pandora's box of other crap to explode all over me.

I'm fine - dealing with my stuff, like always and just like everyone else does, but it has left me wondering....when is it my turn to be hit with the some good luck space dust ?

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