Monday, 16 May 2011

Awkward Moments.....

The little minx in me that usually pops out when I'm flirting, or being cheeky or plain mischievous had to hold herself in check, when I bumped into a former suitor on the way home.

I have always thought that there should be an unwritten law on how to behave when you bump into a short-term (ST = three dates or less!) ex.

I'm always polite in a "Hi/Bye" kind of way, because its no big deal if something doesn't work out, however, some of the guys I've bumped into have acted like complete tits just like the Wobbler !!

The W was a slightly older, media big wig who I dated ST last year.

He was tall, bright, a little on the tubby side and strangely; so captivated by himself, that he actually said he was concerned about being recognised while we were out.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that you can't live on past 90s glories. It's today that really counts!

He was good company, but totally obssessed by MSN and talking dirty. I'm as open-minded as the next person, but sharing filthy thoughts online with a stranger is a little too grubby for me.

His insistence on doing so, put me completely off and led him to say he was just looking for a shag buddy and I was too much of a prude for him to bother with.

As I got off the boat I saw him and he saw me, even from behind his impossibly large sunglasses, that reminded me of when a small child wears a grown-up pair.

He shuffled his feet and looked down, while I smiled broadly not directly at him, as I noticed the lady beside him.

The minx in me really wanted to breeze right up to him and say

"Hi there",

but his discomfort which by now extended to a very red face as well, meant that I took pity on him and just walked by smirking.

Such a drama over nothing, but it amused me no end !

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