Monday, 9 May 2011

Lusicious Lips and Mutual Appreciation

A bit of a unusual day, when at last my luscious pillowcase lips were recognised by way of some in-house filming at the agency.

I kid you not. I spent 30 minutes having my lips zoomed in on and cooed over, as I put them through their paces by way of pouts, kisses and reapplying lip balm. It was all too funny....!

Aside from my oral film debut, I shocked myself by finished my big pitch. Yep, after 3 weeks of what I can only describe as something aka to birthing pain (dramatic reference point only, as I haven't had a little BB yet!), it's all finished and now to be honest I am now terrified.

Scared of its potential to transform my life and conversely of everything going up in flames, in if the company I'm targeting hate it. Although LL and S assured me I was on point with it, I still had to turn for courage to Philip Adams:

'It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don't. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever.'

Suddenly things weren't so scary - I have absolutely nothing to lose by going for broke right!

Someone fighting through his comfort zone is Big D. While he is loving the fact that in 2 days he's had 60 odd views and has a wink return rate of about 40%, he's realised that online dating isn't as easy as it seems, even for an acknowledged catch like him.

"I've had some scary responses mainly from ladies in Advertising, Media and PR BB. It's weird you strike up a conversation, I want to take thing slow and clearly they don't."

"Oh, in a smutty way?" I asked giggling.

"No just direct, upfront about what they want"

"Well darling you know we're all nutty singletons in those industries, we're so busy being fabulous and creative we don't have time for love lives as well. Look at me !"

"Then there's the heartfelt replies"

"Avoid at all costs cherub, you are not BandAidBoy and you don't want to hurt anyone"

"Yes I'm staying clear and you're right I am attracting ladies my age, but they're all into freaking baking!"

"Baking isn't a crime cherub, at least these chicks can cook, after all Big D's gotta eat right? Dont worry cherub, I'm sure there is someone amazing out there for you", I replied reassuringly.

"Thanks and you're not a lost cause. You're the Marmite girl", Big D fired back.

"That's right compare me to something people love or hate! At least I can hold onto to the fact that I'm funny" I said laughing.

"You're more than funny hun you're:
Wicked smart
Magnetic and gorgeous and I love ya"

"And you are a total smoothie who has to say all of that because you're my buddy, but I love ya right back anyway cherub".

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