Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cornwall Day 1

I'm in love. Yes I did utter the word love however, sadly my new love affair is not with a tall dark, handsome stranger, but with a place - Cornwall !

While I was there I didn't have wifi access, so here as a way of you catching up with me is the first of my Cornwall Postcards.

All Aboard!

There's something totally cool about actually having something to say when someone says,

"What are you up to over the Bank Holiday". I yelled out loudly.

"I'm going to Cornwall" to anyone silly enough to ask me and then proceeded to show them my complete Cornish schedule as prepared by Lolo.

We took the sleeper from Paddington to Penanze. Travelling by sleeper takes you back to a more romantic age or for me just reminds me of Agatha Christie murder mysteries and that James Bond movie from Russia with Love.

Nothing has quite prepared us for the joy of finding we had two separate compartments. linked by an interconnecting door and maybe it was a sad case of holiday fever, but I confesss we wooped and hugged each other for being so jammy! (aka lucky for my US followers!)

I awoke the following morning to rolling hills rushing by my window, when I pulled open the blind to see where we were. I was blown away, but a little cold, so I hopped back into bed to take in the full beauty of the stunning scenery.

30 mins later, my alarm screamed a morning call of 6:30am and I padded down the hallway to the bathroom, in my super snuggly thermo socks.

Just outside the bathroom, stood a stressed 'yummy mummy' and a rather sullent looking man, whose face resembled that of a sulking teenager, being forced to go on yet another family holiday, while his mates take off to Ibiza.

The train reared to a halt and they tried to open door,but it wouldn't open. They took it in turns to try and get it open, growing increasingly more frantic as the realisation that they might not be able to get off gripped them.

I hate to say it but they were hilarious,just like a scene from a Benny Hill Show. Their comic annoyance was topped off by their dropped faces as the train pulled away.

"What are we going to do now" wailed the man.

"Just calm down Gerry, we missed our stop, it's not the end of the world!"

Finding yourself in the middle of someone's domestic at 6am on a Saturday morning, on a sleeper train in your pj's, is enough of a weird moment,to make you realise that sometimes only a single girl vacation will do.

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