Monday, 4 July 2011

Lightbulbs and Perfect Picnics

It's amazing how the instability of your employment can drive you to take the type of crazy risks, that you would usually only dream about.

I always have at least five lightbulb moments going on in my head at any given time. Usually I would just muse over them or maybe bore an indulgent friend or too with their viability, but for once I let them out.

I found an app ideas site and downloaded 10 BB classics. Whether anything comes from them, I have no idea, but I'll admit to a little 'yey me!', as they sat on the site with my id number alongside them.

The morning sped by quickly and I couldn't wait to get out of the building and head to the park for lunch with GD.

It's funny that GD and I barely talk at work, but for whatever reason from the first moment we did, we were friends. When he heard about my 'sticky situation', he invited me to lunch to talk things over.

In the space of 30 minutes he has pushed my cv out to five contacts, given me several names of people to connect with and reviewed some new pitches I'd pulled together.

I consider myself one of life's lucky people.

The past five years have taught me more than anything that however hard you may try to avoid it, crap happens across the board to good and bad people.

How you deal with it and more importantly, what your behaviour in life is, has a tendency to be returned to you in kind.

After today, I feel like I'm not doing too badly! I'm still a little freaked out, but I know good stuff is literally inches away.

It's up to me to zero in on it and close the deal to my success.

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