Friday, 15 July 2011

Limbo Sucks !

So things are in a word pants. The temp job I had lined up for next week has bombed out. The person I was standing in for has decided against going away on holiday.

Despite my work limbo (which is of course driving me crazy as I hate not being super busy), fortunately my friends continue to say the right things to make mefeel like this is an opportunity not a clamity !

P in NY sent me a link to a few online contractor companies, all of whom I signed up with and I've been working on a few more pitches and apps - I know I am a closet geek !

My humour has been provided by Big D, whose continuing adventures while online dating never cease to make me laugh!

Just as I expected he has reverted to being a dog, in response to the 'numerous bunny boilers' he keeps coming across.

One lucky lady provided a unwelcome surprise to him as they got up close and personal. Let's just say her internal plumbing was in need of some majorrenovation!

Big D ploughed on manfully (partly out of pity and then pure shock methinks!) but I couldn't help laughing. It was the cheeky universe's way of reminding us that you never know quite what to expect with a random 'lucky' bed buddy !

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