Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Knackered But Happy !

Today was filled up with lots of meeting, greeting and smoozing, which I'm normally pretty rubbish at, but argh needs must! I'm not just putting in 100% to sorting myself ou, its double that and I am almost completely wiped out.

Once again, just when I was losing the will another 'Office Angel' has entered the realm of BB JobHunter, to offer help I never knew existed.

This OA is an industry specialist, who not only understood my cv and thought it was pretty darned good.

She actually gave up the first hour of her day to canvass on my behalf via email and then marched me round the business; introducing me to Heads of Departments or anyone who might be able to find me a role.

She is another person recommended to me by GD, who I've never actually spoken to, but who went out of her way to help me today and I was so darned grateful.

They say the universe doesn't send you anymore than you can handle and sometimes sweetens the rough patches with some smooth.

My sweetener came just before we started the BB JobHunter campaign, OA introduced me to her Dad, brother and daughter who were all in the business today.

When she introduced me to her brother, I had the craziest 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' feeling about him, particularly when he smiled broadly at me as we were formally introduced.

We finally both admitted to having the same feeling and realised we used to work together six years ago, but in different departments!

N was the same cheeky chapppie I now recall, who set so many hearts around our old workplace, fluttering at his mere mention, let alone appearance, despite him being off the market.

He's since set up his own business and looked a darn sight more chilled out than I ever remembered him being at work.

He summed up the work life change he has achieved perfectly with his email to me later in the day.

"For those who were there for a lifetime, of which there were many, leaving was felt like 'going over a prison wall'!!

Leaving was like escaping, which is bizarre, as it was obviously always my choice to stay"

Maybe that's the best line to take with what's happening with me right now....I'm going over the wall reluctantly but heading to something even better.

We shall see. I've got everything crossed !

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