Monday, 11 July 2011

BB Has Left The Building !

If you ever receive an email thanking you for your'enthuasism', take cover, because it ain't good news!

That was precisely the phrase hit me between the eyes in the email I received from the Big Boss today.

I won't lie I was surprised but I'm so bloody disappointed. I actually cried today. I was so gutted to be leaving my dream job. Or is it? Do I want in a place where my passion wand drive, warrants a patted head and a leavers list reminding you to return your laptop?

I did manage to enjoy my 'last girls aloud lunch'. AR is three weeks away from the parent trap with the fireman. He meets hers. She meets his and then they move in together. It is so great to see this silly look she gets on her face, when she talks about him. She's loved up and looks great on it.

LC our new arrival and my table buddy for the last month, fitted right in, with her crap engagement party story....that's an engagement party you go with to with your new boyfriend, when you both realise neither of you know anyone there, and you really wish you'd gone somewhere else.

She managed to keep me engaged and distracted, right up until NK gave me my leaving card, when I'll admit, I dissolved into tears. I really am a woss right?

Maybe not? Maybe I just made the mistake of falling in love with a situation, that never really had a chance of being made permanent. I won't be making that mistake again.

Next time I create an opportunity I am going to nail it down, so it doesn't disappear later, under the weight of budget cuts and patted heads.

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