Friday, 22 July 2011

Friends In Need !

So just when I had gotten used to my life containing all the excitement of a group of letter writers at a stamp convention, things picked up again.

One angry email and voicemail message later, I found myself was listening to D venting, about one of those super awkward moments at work; when a colleague blurts out something you should know about and don't.

In this instance it was that the role she's been doing has just gone permanent, has been filled and no one thought to tell her.

She was fuming. I always find when one of your buddies is hacked off and needs to vent, try your best to say as little as possible. If you are in possession of a latte and some lemon cheesecake this is more than likely.

I nearly made it right through to the end of her vent, until just before she hit the story punchline, she popped her handbag on the table.

Before I could contain myself, I exclaimed excitedly.

"OMG I love your bag!" (this season's Biba Ponyskin Tote - too, too gorgeous not to love in silence!)

We both laughed.

"That's why I love you BB, even in the midst of a meltdown, you never stop being fashion forward".

"Hey", I said sipping my latte, "Let's just call it my gift!"

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