Monday, 12 December 2011

The Call Of the Fashion Siren

It takes a hell of a lot to drag this diva out of her cosy boudoir on a wet and wild Saturday, to head into the centre of town, especially if it happens to be on Oxford Street.

But, the call of the fashion siren lured me to John Lewis's Winter Wonderland fashion show on Saturday.

What distinguishes JL fashion shows from those of their competitors, is their commitment to making fashion and beauty accessible to all.

Instead of the usual flurry of stick thin waifs, slinking down catwalks with lollypop heads and twiglet legs, the show offered the audience an opportunity to see great clothes on real women, who they can actually relate to.

The models promenaded along a boulevard of pretty silver Christmas trees, paired with men on the other side of the trees, sporting a variety of winter dandy looks.

Pick of the womens outfits were a silver organza pleat dress, a cute faux fur jacket paired with chocolate slacks, accessorised with gold clutch bag and matching shoes. I loved the 50s patterned prom dress, complimented by a black wrap and playfully elegant peeptoe shoes.

But I have to admit I had two fashion standouts.

First, was a cream, floor-length bias cut evening gown with a beautiful satin pleat detail in the back.

Look out for this as a fore-runner to the Gatsby look which is bound to hit stores next year, on the back of the 'Great Gatsby' remake starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively.

My second fashion standout, was worn by one of my favourite models - Ms Annabel Davis!

Ms Davis looking amazing in a gorgeous cobalt blue evening gown, topped off by a cream evening jacket - A fitting model and outfit finale, to another fabulous John Lewis fashion show !

Just one grumble from me about the mens look - Winter Dandy reappears perennially on the male catwalk. What would have been nice to see, was some more practical looks for the male members of the fashion show audience.

I've always thought less is more on the make-up and hair wax fronts for male models. The slightly excessive use of which, on several of models, definitely distracted my attention away from some very strong looks.

Despite that little over grooming blip, I loved the show and am looking forward to the next one !

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