Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Guilty Pleasures and Stuff

First I need to own yet another guilty pleasure, probably the trashiest US show ever ...Cheaters...where of course, cheating partners are caught out.

Car crash moments which had had me in stitches for all the wrong reasons, including the investigative commentary of it's host Joey Greico. JG is in my eyes, an unsung comedy legend for his ability to keep a straight face in the midst of all the cheating mayhem !

Which leads me neatly onto R, who thankfully isn't a cheater. For all of the doubters (which originally included myself) ..it's all going swimmingly, despite a few road humps.

Saturday was challenging ! Those of you who know me, know why and for those who don't (just contact me the usual way and I'll tell you offline :0), R just took it all in his stride, and won brownie points galore from me.

He was on a winning man streak, until an overly bossy outburst at the gym on Sunday, led to me telling him to mind his own business and not mine !

It didn't lead an awkward moment, because we don't really have anything to row about, but I did get a 'sorry' later...arr it's great dating a grown-up!And I'm not just talking about R ! It's gold stars all round for both of us..gulp!

Which lucky because work is ....mmm...grrr...we are currently boss-free and underwhelmed.

Mix in a work event, the flu bug and thank sinking feeling and you have entered BB land !

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