Thursday, 15 December 2011

Friends in Need and Silver Linings !

Meeting up with S on Tuesday was great. She came over to BB Towers for a Chinese and a proper catch-up. She's another of my friends who 100% gets me. especially all my ups and downs! My 'Don't speak to me in the morning before my first cup of tea' vibe and my 'I don't want to talk face', after a crap day at work and don't wake me up on my day off at 6:30am, especially as I don't go to bed until at least 2am !

We talk about life, writing(she blogs as well), art, guys (although she says that I cheat as I don't really talk about anything smutty enough for her liking), debate the most stupid issues - smooth peanut butter or cruchy, which is the best? It's crunchy of course!

Best of all she makes me laugh out loud. I know I've been kind of spoiled on the laughter factor recently by the lovely R, but hell more BB laughter is always welcome.

She poured out her troubles about her housing situation(her flat sale just fell through) and as of Friday she is going to be sofa hopping. I remembered doing exactly the same thing, just before I brought BB Towers.

I was exactly one week away from completing on a chocolate box picturesque cottage in Dulwich, when the property chain I was in collapsed. It was the first time I fully appreciated how stressful anything to do with property can be.

Fortunately, P put me up while I got myself together and remembering how much that meant to me, I offered S the same, albeit not a room (because they're all booked at the moment at BB Towers) she gets the pull-out ottoman bed in my living room !

She hugged me so hard, I had to tell her to let go and promise that she'd get lost over Christmas so I can still have my Greta Garbo Christmas and that she can only bring strictly one suitcase with her (she has a walk-in wardrobe at her disposal usually that is the size of both my bedrooms).

She moves in next week and I can't wait to be around such a positive person.

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