Saturday, 24 December 2011

Winding Up !

While everyone's been winding down for Christmas, I've been winding up by landing two freelance gigs for February which were confirmed yesterday.

I have my fingers crossed they both turn into retained contracts, because my current gig is as boring as the hours are long. I swear I can literally feel ideas and thought cells evacuating my brain, through from lack of stimulation and anything resembling creativity.

On the homefront, I've already already received two responses to the ads I have placed for J's room in two great new websites friends have recommended.

I thought it was smart to try some new ones to get the person I want. All I have to do is firm up viewing times with them after Christmas. And even better, S shows up on the 6th to stay, while she looks for a new place to buy.

Having learnt from my last dodgy tenant advertisement, I have specified exactly what I wanted to the letter...

"Must be a non-smoker, no pets, energy conscious, lively and outgoing and a graduate in girl code"

and can guess the rest :0)

Thankfully, I finished my Christmas shopping just in time for the dropping off to the family today in typical BB style.

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