Friday, 16 December 2011

Friends In Need and Silver Linings 2

It seems that I am not the only one who offered a sofa to S. She's so popular, that she told me today she was 'booked' until the New Year, as the guest artist in several of our friends spare bedrooms and living rooms.

I laughed about that, because that's so S - what was super urgent is now not so much so and her own failure to realise just how important she and her well being are to so many people, makes her all the more adorable.

So that solo Christmas I have been craving is now good to go (Thank God I need some quiet uninterrupted BB time!)and I still get the plus of having S around in the New Year, to welcome 2012 in the most positive way possible.

I've already made my New Year's Resolution. Anything or anyone that is negative, draining and not positive is getting tossed. I refuse to be sucked dry by negativity in my world.

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