Sunday, 1 April 2012

Just Call Me Lucky BB

One strain of white homing pigeon, and most co...One strain of white homing pigeon, and most common, is the Stielbacht. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Have you ever had a run of happy coincidences, which meant that you landed on your feet, even when you really shouldn't? I have.

It all began when I reconnected with a really good friend who I'd lost touch with. We caught up on our lives, past and present and it was lovely.

The advice and caring support she offered, including putting me in touch with some new contacts to help me secure my next gig, was really overwhelming and re-inspired me to keep going.

Next there's the weather which has been incredible recently. No I'm not suggesting I'm like Storm from the X-Men, able to control the elements, while wearing a skintight catsuit; otherwise it would always be sunny when I get my weave done!

I just mean I lucked out. The good weather meant I was able to sort out the garden out, courtesy of some hard graft and a well timed visit to the Pound shop, whose hanging baskets and pansies have transformed the back garden of BB Towers.

Where's the luck in that I hear you ask? Just that I got every I needed in one go. When I popped back in at the end of the week, those shelves were completely bare of hanging baskets and pansies, replaced by polite 'SOLD OUT' notices.

Then, I finally got round to formally cancelling the storage pod I've been renting in the vain hope of decluttering BB Towers or in my case just to make room for more stuff.

The only problem was I forgot how to get to get to the storage facility and ended up at the end of the bus route at the opposite end of line. My bus driver was a total gentleman who told me to sit tight and as he was taking the bus on the reverse route, he would make sure I got off at the right stop this time. He was as good as his word and he even told me the quickest route back to my house.

The next time I went to the storage pod, somehow I managed to do pretty much the same thing.

Yes I did get lost again, when I tried another route.

It is a truth universally acknowledged by my family and friends, that BB has absolutely no sense of direction. In fact the only time I have something approaching one, is when I am out of the country.

Somehow my fear of sleeping on the beach, instead of my air conditioned room, overtakes my normal direction deprived self and miracleously transforms me into owning the directional antennae of a homing pigeon!

This time my driver who happened to have finished his shift, gave me a lift direct to my storage pod. It was super lucky as I only had enough money on my travelcard to get me home and there weren't any ATM's around.

Then there was my Ebay result moment. I sold a pair of over the knee boots for a brilliant price and just before the auction ended, and quite out of character for me I remembered to tell my bidders, who were global that the original postage was for the UK only and I would give them the correct postage for their region, saving myself a hefty postage hit.

Even though it took myself and 2 other people at the Post Office what seemed like an age to assemble one of those 'easy' to put together parcel boxes, I was still smiling when I left.

Small pieces of luck daisy-chained together, equalled a whole lot of smiles and that's what really counts
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Rene Elysees said...

Whoopie. Happy days are always welcomed.