Monday, 16 April 2012

Love Is All Around !

Emotions associated with happiness
Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok so let's cut to the chase and deal with the silly stuff first. TOWIE is back on and I am soo soo happy. Add Made in Chelsea and my guilty pleasure viewing is sorted.

Now onto the life stuff....dah...da...daah..da

Have you noticed that you and your friends are never happy at the same time, with the same things?

You know stuff like your lovelife, job, home, life in general.

I had lunch with PL on Friday and she was on cracking form.  She looked happy, radiant and positively beaming. 

Her new job is going well and best of all she has met someone. Not just anyone either. He is a bona fide grown up, intelligent, funny, emotionally available, reliable and SINGLE !  

Hooray I hear you all cheer !!

Having given up on online dating (haven't we all and it's so blooming expensive too!), PL was on a walking holiday with one of her friends. For the most part she enjoyed herself, other than the truly awful weather. 

After one of those colder than cold hikes, they ended up in a country pub. PL at this point resembled the Michelin man on a skiing holiday, as she was literally multi-layered to within an inch of her life. 

Having found a seat her friend started talking to the guy beside her and PL started talking to his friend.

They exchanged details and this sparked up a correspondence - or as I like to call it a retro courtship, which has also been conducted via text and increasingly long phonecalls.

I can't tell you how happy I am for her. I love her shoot from the hip attitude, wiry sarcasm, ridiculous intelluct and wit. 

She's actually a complete marshmallow once you get to know her, who is funny, compassionate and caring (although she won't admit to it!). The only time she ever really has any walls up, because of past disappointments, is when it's to do with love.

That's why her happiness is a joy to see. There's a running joke among my friends about my ridiculous hopefulness about love. For whatever reason and regardless of idiots like R, in my heart of hearts I've always believed in it.

I know ! How soppy am I ? Even when I am rock bottom, that love flame keeps burning. Not lust, not in the meantime, the real deal - big fat, totally amazing love !

PL has always been pretty cynical about love, but I've always told her when you find it, it's easy, kind and makes the world just that little bit brighter.

So my dear PL 'Long Live Love' and I wish you every happiness with Mr Wonderful :0 )

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