Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Week of Two Halves

So this is the end of a rollercoaster week which has been defined by two moments.

First the jaw droppingly, dishonest and selfish actions of an ex-friend.

Peppered with "I want", "I need" and "Poor Me" syrup, they shared some ridiculously vital information (so lastminute it beggars belief) via a cowardly email, instead of in person 121 because they knew I would shall we say - kick off !!!!

The email was totally devoid of any accountabilty for the impact of their actions, on someone who has been nothing but caring, helpful and understanding of them and all their shall we say 'issues', particularly in their former workplace.

Just like the mafia, the person in question is 'dead to me now' (though not quite worthy of a horse's head in their bed - far too messy for me!).

I can't stand people who lie to me to my face or in this case by email as well. It's just so pathetic.

Interestingly when I've talked to some of our mutual friends about the fallout, several of them expressed no real surprise, that things turned out the way they did. Unlike me, they witnessed the unpleasant, inherently selfish nature of this person, time and time again and had they're fingers crossed that I wouldn't fall prey to it.

Unfortunately, I did.

So what's the lesson I've learnt? My code of ethics, values and morals apparently aren't the same as this particular person. What this person's behaviour has shown me is that automatically expecting others to adhere to my loyalty code is completely unrealistic.

In fairytales they say good things happen to good people, but the reality is this isn't always the truth. Life just isn't that simple.

Will I be more careful in future about who I support, help and give me time and energy too, you bet your bottom dollar I will ! Manipulative snakes who cry wolf all the time can take a hike !

As for my ex-friend - she's the type of bittersweet memory that Little Miss Karma will take care of and I hope I never have to lay my eyes her on again.

So since I know you read my blog and I know you 'hate' difficult conversations, this is my virtual leaving card message for you

Good luck you spoilt little brat (we both know you're not really a woman yet don't we?), because trust me with an attitude like yours, you are going to need a lot of it !

Love BB  :0 )

Moment two, a far more joyful one, was the confirmation of that new gig for me. Hooray ! It's not permanent (well nothing is right now!), but I feel overwhelmingly grateful to have an opportunity offered to me after a river of no's.

I intend to enjoy and capitalise upon it. Hopefully it's the start of a new chapter on the rolling gigs front. I've got everything crossed.

One last thing,I have to give a massive shoutout to my family (related and online!) and my friends for supporting me to the max as ever. I couldn't do it without you.
Big love and loads of BB hugs 

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