Thursday, 12 April 2012

Where's You're Head At?

Head explaination
Head explaination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seems I had it all wrong about R. He is an idiot.
Who couldn't resist texting me....again ! 

"Sorry BB. You're spot on. I am a confused soul. I apologise for dumping you by phone. I was thrown by you saying you want children. I don't want any and that was my issue. Anyway how are you? I'm in town on Saturday, so if you're still unhappy with my explaination, I can pop into BB Towers and you can yell at me in person :0 ) x"

There are moments in your dating life when you have no words.  What a jackarse !

He brought up our future not me. I played things cool from the get go and even from the start when he wanted to talk about the future I would steer the conversation elsewhere.  How can you plan the future, when you are still getting to know one and other. Why would you put that level of pressure on yourself?

He asked about children and future goals, not me and he certainly didn't seem alarmed or anxious when we talked about things at the time. Since I'm not a mind reader or clairvoyant, how was I supposed to know that his response to an apparently adult discussion about the future, not today, the future, would be to bolt !!

Clearly he wasn't man enough for me.  Even in his 'faux' apology he had to throw in the joke about us meeting up. WTF!  He just doesn't get it. Sadly in his head, he actually things we're all good, because he's finally sad sorry...friends even !

As Mr T used to say "I pity da fool ! "

Needless to say I ignored his text and I'm out with the girls all day Saturday.  As I've said before I've had a very lucky escape from a child hiding in a 47 year old man's body. God help the next woman he hooks up with !
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Gerard McGuickin said...

Jackarse indeed! Dumping by phone... texting... weak & not worthy of your good self xx