Monday, 9 April 2012

Silent Witness

HMV Music Store in Hong Kong Elements Shopping...HMV Music Store in Hong Kong Elements Shopping Mall (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I've just witnessed something which makes me realise that you are never too old to suffer relationship troubles.

The 50-something couple sitting behind M and I as we had lunch, had the poisonous love connection of a scorpion and it's soon to be dead prey.

It all began as soon as they walked into the restaurant. He stood over her as they sat down, and spat out that if he wanted to mooch around HMV, he bloomingly well would, after all it was a bloody Bank Holiday !

The first thing I thought was that HMV has never evoked such a  passionate response from me, Ever! Even when I've found that previously hard to find movie classic, in their sale section. Or that time I bumped into an early school crush, wearing an ill-fitting HMV black staff t-shirt, while knee deep in dvds trying to load a price gun !

I couldn't believe the venom of the man's attack. I swear he was just like a snarling bulldog, straining on its collar desperate to fly at a new victim, while his wife sat perfectly still, quiet as a mouse, almost as if she was trying to weather his verbal storm, by pretending to be mute and invisible.

The bulldog honestly didn't give a damn who heard him. He marched over to the counter, brought a lone latte, slammed it down on the table and then sat down opposite the mouse before resuming his attack. It was so pathetically sad and uncomfortable to hear and witness.

Once the bulldog's rant was finished, they sat together in silence. He sporadically talked at the mouse, while she rested her head in her hands, before eventually turning away from him.

Occasionally she turned back to look at him with sad questioning eyes, which he responded to with a scornful stare that regarded her with all the contempt, you usually reserve for someone who routinely gets on your nerves.

I wondered what their history was?  How they met? How long they'd been together? Did they have any children? And where did all their love go?

I'll admit that love still baffles the hell out of me. On the whole, I am pretty rubbish at it, having wasted quite a few years, being in love with the idea of love and duly acting like a complete loony tune because of it.

But as a give it 100% kinda lady in all of my relationships, the one thing I've never done is outstayed my 'welcome' or clung to a 'what if' and stayed put with someone because I don't want to be alone.

All of my relationships have been like mini romcom trailers. Each one adding up to make a sequence of scenes in BB's dating history movie, in terms of the emotions and events that happened within their individual lifespans.

I've had my fair share of highs and lows (most of them BB made. What can I say life would be so dull without a little drama !) but I've never been treated with contempt.

Maybe I've been blind to it, or left a relationship before it could disintegrate into the waves of loathing, that I witnessed between the bulldog and the mouse. One things for sure though, I may be single meerkat (my animal double !) right now, but I'll never be a mouse !


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