Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Return of the Golddiggers !!

Sugar Daddy (candy)
Sugar Daddy (candy) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well it looks like the Daily Mail has provided me with yet another thing to rant about. 

According to the Mail, 'Sugar Daddy' dating sites have been flooded by students, keen to meet rich older boyfriends, who can fund their 'studies' as they amass debts averaging up to an estimated £53,000 for those starting degrees this year.

The first thing that came to my mind was, when did these women become such drips ?  For me, the thought of being financially beholden to an older boyfriendor or overprotective parents is a fate worst than death.

I remember a few years back when I decided that to go back to university and secure a degree, I was working full-time during the day, studying at night and I had a Saturday job, so I could cover my course fees.

Government help was a no go, as it was deemed that I 'earned' too much, and there were times throughout the three year course, when I wondered why I was bothering.

But do you know what? At no stage did I think a Sugar Daddy was the answer. Maybe it's because I was over 21,  blessed with maturity, street smarts, common sense and a persistent stubborn streak.

That streak, then and now means that when things go wrong, instead of being a whinging "Ms poor little me, I can't cope", I just get practical and will literally move mountains if needed to get out of a tight spot.

This type of self sufficiency and determination appears to be lacking in these young ladies. Their easy route is getting someone else to pick up the tab, saying or doing whatever they want to get their own way and in some cases selfishly lying, pretending to be someone they're not; by that of course I mean genuinely interested in said sugar daddies !

All is well until the Sugar Daddy gravy train pulls into the 'money' station and stays there. Yes, keeping a sugar daddy takes some doing and bearing in the mind the ratio of girls to daddies, it means that a girl can never be too comfortable or assured of the continued support of their daddy, because there's always a queue behind them !

I salute those strong, independent, if a little poor, sisters who would rather work in pubs, retail or even scrub a toilet or two, than take a handout !

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