Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beautiful Day and the Return of the Mac

Just four days in from ditching the dating websites and the bounce has returned to this diva's step. Being able to encase myself in a smaller size pair of jeans, due to the ultimate appetite suppresser - misery, started my day off with a cheeky bang.

A loud wolf whistle from a way too young, but fit shirtless brickie me made me smile at him for his nerve and myself for enjoying being his momentary object of lust. My last day of freedom before the return of HWMBO to the office, was spent running around trying to finish off the last things on his to do list and then trying to prepare and prempt the volley of questions he will be firing at me on his return.

I was still surrounded by folders, scribbed post-it notes I couldn't decipher and paperwork when DA stopped by for a chat. DA is a cheeky bugger. He is a divorced (still bitter about it, but in a very amusing way), funny (of course), dark haired, blue eyed peacock, trianthlon competing thirtysomething. His taste in sharp suits and even sharper ties is off the hook and he's one those guys who works in a mainly female evironment, who somehow manages to get his point across without being a total tool.

He laughed his head off when I told him about my 'Dear John' e-mail from S2 and told me not to take it to heart, because "Men are idiots and he probably though he was being nice to you" and I returned the favour when he told me he was off to Spain for a 'grown up' Stag Do - which is actually a Stag Week!! "You'll end up in a gutter somewhere with some 18 year blonde on her first holiday without her parents" "Here's hoping!" he said smiling.

Back home a final quote from the builder, confirming that sorting out the condensation in the bathroom won't actually cost me a body part, ended this beautiful day on a high.

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