Friday, 31 July 2009

Turn The Corner

It is official HWMBO can be downright offensive sometimes. Today he made me cry not for the first time. I had barely switched on my laptop, before he hammered me for a diary mix-up. He seems to take some sort of sadistic pleasure in making me feel crap!

His exaggerated teeth grinding, head in hands, all while going on about how 'frustrated' he is by my inability to get things right. The power of monthly cheque this job is providing me with, was the only thing that made me hold my tongue.

I have resolved to show this man once and for all, just who the hell he's dealing with. A strong, independent woman who will succeed on her own terms, in spite of him. I shouldn't have to deal with this stress ! I am many things, but I am not and never will be a silent doormat, who lets people wipe themselves all over her.

No one (however important they may think they are or how outwardly successful), has the right to make another human being feel as bad as he did this morning. My determination to get away from living my life dependent on a single source of income has been sealed.

I should and do control my own destiny and happiness, not my job.

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