Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Truth About Men, Women and......

I am an angry diva. I have been knocked from a pedestal, removed from my cocoon of effortless styling and all round general fabulousness. A relative newcomer to my office family, decided it would be funny to be post pictures of me au naturale (trackie bottoms and dodgy t-shirt) at our office fun day.

I was not amused and told the little Madam so. "I look like an hobbit, what possessed you to the post those pictures, without my permission online . S laughed, I kid you not she laughed. "Oh come on, it's just a bit of fun"she said laughing agin with every fibre of her size 8 body. I asked her to take the pictures down for a second time. More laughter. The gloves were off and I was gonna take her down a peg...or two!

Lunch was summarily dispatched (uneaten, not hurled!) and I followed work with a 90 minute gym session. Pure hell! Revelation hit me on the treadmill on how to deal with madam. One business impact email later and a line manager dressing down and the little minx has now removed all traces of my pictorial shame. Job done ! Lesson learned by S methinks!

A has recovered from his heartbreak in a typical A fashion - with a beautiful man. H and A meet over the weekend. They managed to almost finish their beer, before abandoning themselves to the mother of all sessions.

"We spent the rest of the day, talking, watching movies and eating pizza. See that's the difference between men and women like I said, women want three weeks of that romance action, before they will even let a guy you finger them!".

How charming A is. So effortlessly crude, lewd, and typically blunt - it's good to have Mr Pink back in the land of dating !

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Kieran said...

Loving the blog as always B. Best bit is trying work out who everyone is.

Think I can guess on this one though!