Friday, 17 July 2009

Good Girls Sleep Alone

Ok, so I have to tell you that my non-date was a good one. PP was bright, funny, charming, easy on the eye, open (time will tell on that one!) and a grade A snog.

What I have learnt from my time with him is that you can have a fun time with a man without the anticipation or even expectation of romance in any shape or form. As it turned out PP decided to test the waters at the end of our non-date curtsey of a much needed (by me! ) impromptu snogging session.

The man was dynamite. So good in fact that my mind started to wonder if he was that amazing with his tongue, what else could he do with it! But never fear - I didn't sleep with him (my impression of a reborn nun continues unchecked!). Instead I contented myself with a flurry of cheeky text mesages.

God I miss getting those. There is a artform to a filthy text message(take note boys!) from PP which sent me to sleep with a large dirty grin on my face. Could this be the beginning of something new? Another phone call....perhaps...gulp....and this was going out on a limb......another date?

PP's e-mail confessional reminded me to not get carried away and it was a good thing too. As of end of play today, despite one non-commital text message from moi "How was your day? ", I have heard nothing from PP - another Diva man bites the dust! If I was a sensitive soul I might think there was something wrong with me!

The good thing is I am finally recognising how to read men. Internet dating was a nightmare for me, but I have learnt a lot from reading between the lines of those 'liar' profiles and tales that some men tell.

First listen to what a man says to you. We women are notorious for hearing what we want to hear. If a guy says he just wants a booty call, or other gems like "I'm not looking for anything serious" or the age old favourite "Do you mind if I call my wife"; don't expect him to call you the morning after the night before, particularly if you didn't give it up to him.

'He's Just Not Into You' is not just a book and a movie, it is a real life medical condition experienced by many men in today's dating market. If they're interested they will hunt you down - pursuing you ruthlessly and actually returning text messages immediately and in some rare cases turning up (yes it does happen sometimes) for your dates (i'm told this really does happen) and if they're super keen, even turning up early to meet you, so you're not kept waiting.
If you don't hear from a guy - he's already moved on to new prey'or returned to his girfriend, wife or ex. Should you beat yourself up, consume ice cream by the carton, bin the gym and dissect everything he ever said with your girlfriends.

No - life's too bloody short. I am bothered about PP - No and who wants to go out again with a man who can't even be bothered to respond to a one line harmless text message, unless of course "How was your day" actually translates to "Let's get married, I want your babies" in man talk !

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