Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Guess Who's Going on a Non-Date ?

To fully qualify as a dating commentator, you must once in a while go out on a date. Today is that day. PP who I 'met' during my abortive internet stint (twice just to make sure I really was completely rubbish at it), is meeting me today after work for a coffee.

The lead up to a date is fraught with various concerns primarily "What am I going to wear?", followed by "What if my date's hot", "What if my date isn't hot" and then rounded up by "Will he want to see me again" and if you are a guy"She's nice and I definitely would".

My own dating countdown has consisted of bringing an extra top into work to change into, remembering where and when PP and I are supposed to met and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. I have previously been stood up by email (by Hottie) and text message (by Hottie), who I suspect if he had ever had my fax number would have stood me up via that as well.

What makes the date a good date already is there is absolutely no expectation of romance. PP sent me an e-mail ahead of our 'date' stating that he felt I was looking for a relationship and he wasn't looking for "Anything serious" - another classic stock phrase from the annual of the thirtysomething dating man.

My response was neither hysterical nor standoffish "No problem, when you mentioned your preferred dating range was 20 to 30, I figured a wedding was out of the question and that you were probably just looking for a booty call. I thought you sounded funny though and we might get along as friends. The ball's in your court re: the drink". Cool like Vanilla Ice - not that he was ever really cool!

He fired back "Glad you noticed how cool I am and thanks for being so understanding" Understanding? I've been trying to understand men for the duration of my dating life so far. They remain a mystery to me.

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