Thursday, 30 July 2009

Too Much Information !

I haven't been entirely honest with you dear readers. When I said I'd abandoned all cyber dating efforts, I was stretching the truth a little. A diva's gotta keep her hand in many pies, in pursuit of new blood and content for her blogs.

A and M's cautionery words about my approach to internet dating, have not fallen on deaf ears. The fickle and sometimes predatory nature of cyber inhabitants, can lead them to being almost too open about their preferences and desires.

Take D-007, 25 and looking for a sexy mature partner, swho sent me the following by way of introduction:

"About me well I love motorcycles and music. Specifically guitar and cats.I have an interesting job which i love very much and is demanding but rewarding. I would say I can be easy to get along with but serious sometimes. Oh and lady please note I really really love to give a woman oral pleasure, so if you are not into that then I am probably not for you. I only say this to avoid any such situation where I might meet you and if it gets to the serious stage find out you are not into that."

My first reaction was that of laughter "..specifically guitar and cats" - what a random connection of his favourite things ! D-007 take on his love of giving "oral pleasure" led me to consider the following.

While there are some things a woman needs to know, there are some things that should come as a pleasant surprise to her. A potential suitor who reveals all he has to offer from the get go, denies his lady the the mystery of a slow burn seduction, and the delicious delight of not knowing what to expect next !

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