Monday, 17 January 2011

Back In The Swing!

Now that i'm full of beans again, I've been haring around like a mad woman trying to catch up with herself.

At the weekend I blitzed the house even harder than usual. I was feeling so domestic, I even whipped up a batch of my favourite chocolate brownies - I know, BB in a baking frenzy.

My lust for food, or rather making up for what I've been missing out on recently, led me to having dinner with C, at super sexy restaurant round the corner from BB Towers.

C's new job is going well. She's learnt a hell of a lot from her last few jobs and of course I'm very proud of her for putting into practice some essential career top tips.

First don't get the hots for one of your team (she hasn't spoken directly to Mr Moonlighting since she left. He is apparently regretting not handling things better! Now there's a surprise!) and second, that a little bit of distance between you and your colleagues isn't such a bad thing!

There's nothing wrong with being a mysterious girl once in a while !

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