Monday, 31 January 2011

January Love Blues

It's not just me suffering the January Love Blues. I had dinner with Little Miss Matchmaker on Friday. Having caught up on all the work gossip, we got down to the inevitable guy talk.

Since we last caught up LMM has got rid of her hot French executive chef because of his cheating (yes, another one....Lord only knows why so many guys out there just can't keep it zipped! Is it some sort of 30/40 somethings male compulsion?)

Just like L, she caught her man out via his email account. He too had been cheating on her throughout the whole three years they were together.

He was so comfortable to doing it, he kept all his emails including the more explicit

"Guess what I am going to do to you next time!" ones, which of course she read.

Unlike L (who is yes still with the cheater, who is undergoing counselling), LMM got rid of him asap, but 2 months on, she is distrustful of all men and is generally despairing of finding a guy who doesn't feel compelled to cheat on her or just be a bit of a an idiot.

Her disenchantment deepened, when Mr Romantic (he chased her through a train station to introduce himself and give her his business card) who replaced the Frog Prince, broke the news to her over dinner, that he was "Sort of engaged!" , but added that she meant a lot to him and he wanted to be with her!

No mention was made of why MR hadn't told her about his engagement from the get go, or just how he was going to see his fiancee and LMM !

I continue to marvel at some men's capacity to sweeten bad news with a cheery after phrase. H was a master at that. Arrgh the tears I cried over that man ho hum !

"What is wrong with me? All of my relationships are rubbish? Just for a change instead of being Miss Independent I want someone to look after me and be able to keep his flies up. I want a baby this year. I'm so ready and yet nothing, not one stupid !", she wailed.

My vast experience of dating disappointment has tempered my men expectations and made me totally realistic about the reality of anticipating exclusivity and fidelity from your man.

I want this double whammy of relationship goodness. We all want it really, but wanting it and actually getting it can be a little tricky !

While it was and is my ideal, I couldn't really blame LMM for her love hangover frustration. She is a total knockout, has a killer body, is so well groomed she looks like she has just stepped off a magazine shoot, is intelligent and solvent and isn't doing much better than I am! What gives ?

I could have joined the "I hate men" pity party, but in keeping with my 2011 mantra of positivity I replied.

"It will happen. Trust me you are far too wonderful to be alone for long!".

I know in my case, I've heard the same line many, many times from family and friends and while I have a world weary belief, that I still might luck out and find someone.

As for LMM I am absolutely sure that if she stops 'fishing out the Frog' in every man pond she dips her heart into, the real McCoy will eventually surface to the top and turn out to be the Prince she's looking for.

A did. She finally went out with the rugby playing fireman she had to cry off sick on last week. Guess what they really, really hit it off. Date no 2 is tomorrow !!!
He's polite, easy on the eye, upfront, tall and actually said he wants a relationship on their first date. Truly he is a prince among eligible men !

She can't stop smiling and I couldn't be happier for her as she is such a sweetheart and has been out with more jackarses than I've had hot dinners.

Who knows maybe her good fortune will rub off !!

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