Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy Anniversary BB

I can't believe that roundabout this time last year I was settling down to another year working for HWMBO and completely dreading it.

If anyone would have told me that exactly one week later, I'd be clearing my desk and heading out the door, then really I wouldn't have believed them. I'm lots of things, but my idea of risk taking has never, ever involved my work.

I've always been the slow and steady kind of girl.

One year on from that dark, very unhappy place and I truly can't recognise myself or more importantly, my outlook on my life.

I love going to work!

There I said it. For those of you who hate me for saying that, take it from one who knows, there is no time like the present for you to find another job!

For those of you, who've been through what I did and came out on the other side, all power to you for fighting your way out of a negative situation, dealing with crap, learning about yourself in ways in never felt possible.

Working on yourself, all in pursuit of your very own work happiness, can be pretty rough. Sometimes it takes hitting your lowest point, is the only way you can see how bad things are and decide that you are worth so much more.

Why would anyone want to 'settle' or put up with less than they deserve?

At work now, I'm surrounded (as I was previously and will always be thankful for keeping me sane!) by a group of people I enjoy working and spending time with; but the best part is being regularly recognised for doing good work by my big Boss.

Pathetic as it seems that random "well done" or "thanks for sorting that out", from BB puts a mega grin on my face and makes me realise how ridiculously lucky I am.

You can't pick your family, but you do choose the office 'family' you work with and when you get that right, particularly when you think about how much time you spend with them, well then you're not doing too badly.

If you get your work life balance sorted out as well, take a moment to step back and see exactly what you can achieve elsewhere in your life.

Go on! I double dare you !

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