Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fun All Round

Yesterday I treated myself to a facial and massage, which turned out to be infinitely more enjoyable than being on a nerve wrecking first date.

My massage broke up a super busy day, which hit rock bottom when the attendance for a training session I was running collapsed.

First with technical difficulties connecting with the overseas office and then from one those all to familiar client emergencies. By the time I got home I was frustrated and totally knackered.

I have of course, heard nothing more from GU and have simply chalked him up to another multi-dater, who got 'lucky' elsewhere. Fair play to him.

Today has been good and bad. I am gutted by the news that MF is leaving us for a fabulous opportunity the other side of London at a small agency. I am going miss my favourite Kiwi. Not only is he smart, funny and wise, he really does have a big heart.

When I was sick recently, he practically carried me to my cab and he really appreciated my congratulations card for his 'secret wedding'.He's like the big brother I've always wanted and I am totally going to miss his witty asides and calming presence.

I had just about recovered from this shock, when I heard about MT was going to be in the office. His visits to the office are now so rare, I am thinking of filing sightings of him under 'the endangered eye candy' file.

I know he is completely unobtainable, but it doesn't mean to say that a Diva can't spare a few minutes to stop and stare! We said hi and bye and yes, that was more than enough for me. Look but don't touch - we all have an MT in our lives!

My planned girlie night out, went tits up when D had to work and V texted to say she was sick. Fortunately, it was A's leaving do tonight, so I went to that instead. I laughed until my sides ached and came home still smiling.

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