Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Legally BB

As we know, some bloggers are frustrated performers or oversharers, well I know I am. This opinion was sealed by an invitation from A this week.

"Hi BB do you want to come and see Legally Blonde with some gays on Tuesday?". .

I could barely contain my excitement.

When I was about 16, I decided I wanted to become an actor.

After some Grade A parent pestering, including a hard core week of BB sad eyes, my Dad dutifully sent me off the Weekend Arts College (WAC) in Camden to train.

I was smitten from the day I walked through those doors. I was surrounded by a group of people who like me thought 'showing off 'was one of the the very best ways to spend your days.

The idea that with a little bit of training, I might if I was lucky, actually earn a living from it was was a chance I was totally willing to take.

Fate of course intervened, when miraculously I exceeded my predicted grades and passed my GCSE's.

That was when my Dad put his foot down and WAC was replaced with harsh talks about the real world of work and the unlikelihood of me as a black actor, being able to earn enough to feed a pigeon,let alone myself.

I let my dream go, but something stirred in me as I watched the dancers and the chorus do their thing...arr what might have been !

Back in the real world, I have a confirmed date for next week with GU.

My one and only resolution was to keep it real on the dating front, so instead of getting all worked up about whether a) he can be bothered to show up and b)is he a good guy, I have entered the dating chill zone.

How long I last in this sensible grown-up zone is debateable.

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