Monday, 24 January 2011

Looks Like I'm Free On Wednesday !

Well its lucky I wasn't exactly doing cartwheels about my date on Wednesday, because yes, you've guessed it, he's cancelled !!

We 'spoke' on Friday for a while, just general banter about our week was and what we were up to at the weekend. During the back and forth he mentioned he was suffering from a bout of 'man flu'.

"Hey, yes I've got flu I think it's more than just man flu. Not sure if this week is going to be good for me. I can hardly leave the house. Let aim for next week.

Dedicated readers of my blog, know that I have experienced the phenomena that is
'man flu' on numerous occasions throughout my dating efforts, most notably with the Bolter (remember that twat?).

The ability of some guys to pull out the old 'man flu' excuse at will, remains one of life's great fallbacks for the dating man that changes his mind about his potential date.

The funny thing is, that the men in question always believe that we will think that they are genuinely sick.

In fact, guys have used this excuse so often, that it has moved from the plausible, to the folklore of dating excuses, which are guaranteed to make ladies disbelieve and be annoyed at the same time.

In my case because my dating expectations are low and therefore real, I didn't get fired up. I replied - not cold, not dismissive, just chilled and guarded.

"Sorry to hear that, hope you get well soon. Look forward to hearing from you"

I noticed of course, that he was online, at the very same time as I was posting my message to him.

Poor GU, unable to leave the house, full of man flu, but still able to sit online talking to other women,while declaring himself to be....

"A genuine, honest guy, who is most definitely not a player".

Arr the irony of GU's words. Perhaps now is a good time for me to help him and his kind out with a few equally unplausible excuses for men that bail; just so they have a few more to choose from.

1) My plane was delayed, so I'm not going to be able to make it.
2) I was babysitting my next door neighbours' cat.
3) I had to pick my grandma up from the supermarket.
4) I hurt myself when I was doing my army training last night.

On the plus side (because there is always one, even if it doesn't feel like it) at least GU had the decency to tell me well before Wednesday, so I could make alternative plans.

Thanks G.

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