Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How I Dumped F and A Strange Message

Dumping F (the Frenchman) was super easy. Before he could begin another conversation about himself (which he had done all evening) and told me where we were going for our next date, I intervened.

"That sounds wonderful, but just so we're clear, we'd be going there together as friends."

It took him a minute to register what I had said, before he replied.

"Are you really sure about that BB? You've been single for a while and I must be great copy for that little thing you write."

"And there my dear F is the perfect example of why despite the fact you are indeed a 'great catch', you are still single. That enormous ego and rude genes you have, mean that once anyone gets past the surface with you, they found absolutely nothing"

With that I slipped on my short mac and gloves, paid my half of the bill and left the restaurant.

On the way to the gym this morning, I checked my inbox and found this little gem.

Subject: Hi love would like to know you better. You look lovely and homely

Hi Sweet love, something tells me that you look real and ready to give and take what GOD made women ready to give to men, the things that most people don't have. because if you have love you got everything,it's wonderful,because it something that makes you scream out somebody's name. and like fire in your vein.if you got that, then I would like to have it that with you. Let's meet my number is know you want to call me.

Sending you lots of love and my touches..


After that subject line alone ' look homely' - no woman who works out as much as I do wants a guy to describe them as homely, I decided its time to make a few changes.

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