Monday, 14 March 2011

Start The Week !

I hope all of you had great weekends.

Mine was a mixed bag. On Saturday I made a complete prat of myself, by tripping down (yes down the stairs - in front of a captive gym audience), three steps, when I was distracted by a smiling Adonis in the toning zone.... will I ever learn how to walk and drool at the same time ?

I had just about forgotten my gym embarrassment by the evening aka Karaoke night with the girls - which is pretty rare, now all of the crew are 'locked down' with boyfriends, husbands, children and cats!

The evening started well, then descended into a drunken haze (no. not mine!).

Unfortunately, D has split with K. Its no surprise to her friends, but pretty much the end of the world for her. It would have been ok (well as good as a rubbish break-up can be !), if someone had just bothered to warn me before I started singing.

I sang my two slow standards and at the end of the second one, (which I thought sounded surprisingly tuneful), I bounded off the stage to the sight of D crying into her glass of wine.

I may just give this singing lark or maybe find some cheerier material to vocally massacre, since that's the second time that's happened to me.

On Sunday, I spent the whole day having my hair done - arr.... the things a diva has to do to get the perfect weave. I left with a fiery red head of hair Beyonce and her wind machine would have been proud of !

I love Mondays usually, but as this my birthday week, I wasn't exactly springing out of bed this morning.

It's funny how I've managed to get my job, house, family/friends and all the other small stuff totally sorted and still my love life remains firmly in the toilet.

I could cry about it like 'my bad old days', but aside from ruining a darned good mascara, it would achieve absolutely nothing.

Everything happens in its own time and for a good reason - or so I keep telling myself!

I thought I might be in for a bit of mickey taking from TG today. He read Friday's entry and fortunately is still speaking to me. I was quite nice about him really. In fact it can't have been that bad, because he's just become a follower - Hooray!.

I've decided on The Grumpster (TG) or Man Cub (MC) for his nicknames depending on the day, his mood and just how much I want to wind him up !

Someone who always knew how to wind me up and continues to do so is MS.

He made an unwelcome reappearance in planet BB this morning via text - particularly, annoying since I thought he didn't have my number! It is of course my own fault because...

a) I should never have snooped on him via Linked In


b) I need to take my contact details off my online profile He wants to meet up. I know ! As If !

There are only ever two reasons why an ex ever wants to meet up with you.

1) For impromtu Booty Call (never advisable - if it's good you want more and invariably it's never a full reunion just a friends with bens moment and if it's bad you realise how desperate you were for a booty call with anyone including your ex, who is your ex for a very good reason!)


2 ) To rub your nose in the fact that they are wonderfully happy with someone else (throw in married with children and it's enough to send you into a sugar rush overdose by eating a tub of Hagen Daas at one sitting!).

Oh and isn't it usually the person they ended up dating right after you, which is an equisitely cruel example of sod's law!

It took me exactly two seconds to delete his text while smiling, safe in the knowledge that my days as his deluded, lovelorn, doormat girlfriend are so over !

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