Friday, 11 March 2011


Maybe it's the hint of Spring in the air, but there seems to have been an outbreak of public displays of affection in town at the moment.

Leaving my gym, in front of me at the building opposite, I was met with the sight of a couple who looked like they were one step away from a full booty call.

Then this morning as I got off the train I practically fell over a couple who looked like they were off to work, (hopefully not in the same building!) because they'd probably wouldn't have made it through the day without meeting up in the stationery cupboard. It looked like only a tidal wave would separate this frisky duo.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a PDA Grunch. There is nothing quite as sexy as an unexpectedly kiss from someone you like, I just think you can keep it classy.

My best 'surprise kiss move' (skm) and this believe me it was so successful that this certain someone blew my mind for quite a while afterwards.

He took me for a leaving drink after work, that turned into dinner and finally at the end of the night, he pulled the skm. So darned sexy !

I was so caught up in my skm,I nearly missed my train going home and when I did finally get on the train, I spent the whole journey home smirking like a cat who got the cream and a side order of salmon too !

Now that's how you do a classy PDA !

Happy Friday guys.

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