Friday, 11 March 2011

The Grumpster

I have a new table buddy - PJ or 'the Grumpster' as I like to call him if he's stressing about work!

When he arrived to replace MF, as you know I was on the fence. First because MF was such a great guy and totally brilliant at his job. Second, because he had the best sense of humour and was a brilliant straight man for me.... particularly when I was having a 'dizzy' moment.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that its been more of the same from TG, especially since he moved desks from sitting opposite me to sitting beside me.

He is without a doubt one of the most sarcastic men I have ever met.

Fortunately, as we all know banter and sarcasm are definite essentials in anyone I get along with. He makes me laugh a lot and loves taking the p... out of me.

He balances out that acid tongue, with being razor sharp and mega young (I actually winced when he said how old he was, but then came up with yet more nicknames for him ....Man Cub, Tigger, Little Rascal....!)

To cap it all, he owns a mega watt smile that he unleashes on you, just in time to stop you wringing his neck sometimes or alternatively he uses it to cheer you up.

He isn't S or J, but he's almost as good as it gets in terms of replacing them and continuing to make my work fun.

Fingers crossed he stays put !

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