Friday, 18 March 2011

The Wake Up Call and Goodbye

Dinner with A last night was another one of those wake-up calls my friends regularly give me to. She was brutally honest and told me I need to re-focus on work and instead of talking about going freelance - just do it.

As ever she was right. I feel so stuck personally, that If I don't shake things up right this minute in the one area I have control of, I will go just a little bit more nutty than I usually am.

M has already done it. I talked to him this morning. He is fine. His departure was a little more dramatic than I expected from him. Just like MC he decided he couldn't do it anymore and he was miserable so he handed in his notice.

He sounded happy and relieved and I reassured him that if I could turn everything on its head, like I did last year, it would be a piece of cake for him.

We are meeting up next week for a proper catch up and to talk tactics. As you know today was MC's last day. I was ok the whole day but as we hugged it out at his leaving do, I realised how much i'm going to miss him.

People come and go, but a good table buddy with humour and depth is hard to find and even harder to keep in your life. Fingers crossed MC will stay in touch.

I think he'll do a Jackie O on me. JO left us last year, said she'd keep in touch and no one including myself has heard from her since, which is a shame since she was a sweetheart.

Either way, so long as MC's happy that's all that matters. It's pretty rare that people stay in touch.

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