Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

Today may be National Women's Day, but one lady has 'distinguished' herself from our sex, by showing how completely devoid of commonsense, pride or dignity she is.

The Duchess of York, former wife of Andrew, Duke of York, second son of our Queen, has owned up to accepting £15,000 from a man of ill repute - Jeffrey Epstein.

What makes this all the more grubby is the nature of the man's crimes (precuring and abusing underage girls) and the fact that the Duchess could be brought so cheaply by a billionaire 'commoner', because she is so totally in adept at dealing with her own finances and life in reasonable way.

"It was the first time, I have ever, ever been solvent"

...wailed the Duchess, when interviewed (or should that be 'exposed') by the London Evening Standard, just in time for me to read the grubby story, on the way home yesterday. What offends me most about her is her "poor me" attitude which always come to the fore when she is caught out, despite the fact that she is always 'caught out' by herself.

Where do we start? Her toe sucking Casanova Johnny Bryant, the numerous 'free' holidays she takes every year, selling her soul to WeightWatchers to get through her latest cash crisis, that awful children's book about a red helicopter called Budgie and her last scandal (before this one!), selling access to her ex husband to an undercover journalist.

This woman is so stupid even when she's being shady she messes up !

Thank goodness for every foolish idiot like the Duchess, there are hundreds more, good strong, women who'd would rather work three or more jobs than accept money from such a lowlife as Jeffrey Epstein.

Ladies I salute you and wish you all a Happy International Womens'Day !

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