Monday, 19 April 2010


I thought the Dunkirk spirit was alive and well, but over the last four days I have been amazed at the attitudes of some of my work colleagues, stranded abroad due to the volcanic cloud, which is currently holding the world's air passengers to ransom.

I have clicked into my inbox and found gems such as these:

"Can you get me on the 7:00, I want a window seat and can you book me a smoking room".

"I know you're probably busy, but can you just find out whether I can get a limo from my hotel to the office".

"My husband's assistant is off and I was wondering if you could help him out with booking some flights".

"I've just heard that Glasgow is open, can you get me on a flight tomorrow".

No matter how many times I told them there are no airplanes, I cannot specially charter a plane exclusively for them; most have decided to ignore me and the latest information I have at my fingertips.

Even the team PA who lucked out and got to go on an overseas conference reccie, suddenly now feels she can't pick up a telephone herself to our travel provider, despite the fact that I am dealing with multiple requests for travel assistance and updates.

She knows all the systems/procedures and telephone numbers I do, but has concluded that emailing me with a list of the team's daily demands would be a much better use of her time.

On receipt of my fourth email from her today, I bluntly responded.

"Hi J, just a suggestion, as I've already been holding on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes to talk to our travel agents so far, and would hate to get through without dealing with all your three previous emails and two voicemail messages at the same time. Do you have anything else you need to know?"

She took the hint and wisely decided not to send another bloody email.

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