Friday, 30 April 2010

Ever had one of those days where the surprises just keep coming? My surprises began with yesterday with C’s big announcement, who then roared with laughter when I told him I would just have to follow him around like some lost puppy, for his last month at Chateau BB.

“Sounds scary, so you mean I’ll wake up and there you’ll be sitting on end of my bed all Fatal Attraction like!” he said grinning. “And to think I was actually worried up how to tell you I was leaving. I knew you’d be happy for me, but you can be a proper little Diva sometimes”

“You’re such a soppy bugger! Besides I’ve got a whole month left to bug you and if I really want to have some fun, we can always just sit down and watch the last episode of ER again and I can watch you hold the tears back” I replied, laughing as he looked at me sheepishly then at his shoes.

Today I met up with Big D for coffee. He is one of my favourite partners in mischief and of course he didn’t disappoint. He cracked me up from the moment I launched myself at him on the street for a full on bear hug.

He looks a….mazzzing, after his recent jaunt to South Africa and one week before he leaves for Thailand. His time away has mellowed him out even more than usual and he definitely has a good hold of what he wants from life. I see nothing but good things ahead for him.

Despite a cull of the bevy of lovelies he has been dallying with, Big D is the type of chap who never likes to let down a friend. If a good friend happens to suggest and steer him towards a potential playmate who he might have something in common with, he is a guy who can’t say no!

When they finally met, the hot playmate who turned out to be a ‘separated’ basket case, on the edge of a breakdown, her opening totally unsexy line was “I nearly didn’t come!” – tanking any hope of a successful meeting or hook up within the first seconds. Later, instead of taking up her teasing offer of a shared taxi ride home, he kissed her goodnight and got his own cab home.

What was the playmate’s crime….playing cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, having already confused things before they actually met in person with a flurry of cheeky text messages – if only she has seen SW on Tough Love!

The moral of this tale is that we women often complain about guys playing games, not knowing what they want, but we can be just as guilty of exactly the same vice. Nice work Big D – see what you can do when you try !!

Back at my desk, just as I settled down to a pile of work, I was taken into an office by a colleague, who sprung the welcome welcome surprise of a very exciting opportunity (remember nothing is solid in work until its signed off - Diva’s Rule 109!.).

I could just about contain my excitement when I cam out of the office, so I looked down at the floor all the way back to my desk and started typing furiously.

Happy Friday!

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