Wednesday, 28 April 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed, Pick Yourself Up And Try Again!

As you know I've been freelancing since the end of January. It's been ok, but it has reinforced my belief that if you don't love what you do on the work front, it doesn't matter whether you're permanent or freelance, you'll always have that niggling feeling that there must be bigger and better opportunities out there for you.

Having managed to successfully avoid her, I have unearthed yet another career girl harpy. She is a PA (God aren't they always....when will bosses learn that you should promote your PA sometime, to ensure they doesn't become the frustrated monster in the office).

This young lady was caught up in the volcanic ash chaos and consequently I ended up covering for her - no strain for me and it was nice to be top dog for a week. Problem is now she's back, she's under the impression that I'm her assistant for good!.

Historically, this an unwise assumption for anyone to make about me, since I always have a way, be it directly or undercover to teach them that one-off lesson, that demonstrates that this is not the case however, hard they have tried to convince themselves of it.

Handing her boss's expenses me to do instead of her, I innocently asked.

"When do you need them by?" (Diva's Rule 56 - never alert your prey to the fact that you are about to take them out).

"Close of play today", she barked back.

"I have GM's expenses to do already, three months worth" I replied, expecting her to be sensible.

"I really do need them" she replied snappily.

Needless to say I haven't touched them and she hasn't mentioned them. Definitely not life or death then.

I know, that's another pet hate of mine. Why do we bang on about needing something urgently, or someone has to do something like yesterday, when a lot of the time, it really isn't.

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