Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Say What!

Sometimes through the eyes of others we are faced with and recognise the flaws of faults we repeatedly refuse to acknowledge in ourselves.

"So how was your weekend ?” I said to LMM after the bliss of an extended Bank Holiday weekend. “Lovely” she said smiling at me dreamily.

“Argh, I’m really glad to hear that after you were so gloomy last week” I answered.

“Well I sort of have a confession to make”, she said winching almost as if she knew what was coming. “I spent it with S and we had a lovely time. Don’t give me that look, I just figured better the devil I know”, she said throwing in puppy dog eyes, In the hope that I wouldn’t be too hard on her.

Now as we know I have been accused of being harsh and judgemental (a favour term that VB has thrown at me!) often with very little to go on. While I’ll put my hands up to doing it sometimes (we all do), I would say that sometimes my gut is spot on. However, I have recently graduated from the school of not saying what I mean all of the time no matter what!

“I’m not going to tell you off, because it’s your choice, your decision; but I will be hear to pick up the pieces when it all goes tits up” I said, ending my oracle prediction with a mega watt smile.

“Thanks BB” , said LMM “I’d thought you’d go nuts at me”. “No not at all cherub” I replied. "Trust me you could fill buckets with the tears and mistakes I've made with men. You are just going to have to learn the hard way or at least until you learnthe rules of love"

"So what are these rules of love then you smart arse" said LMM smirking

"You'll be the first to know when I find out!" I replied. "Perhaps we should discuss them over a latte".

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