Tuesday, 7 December 2010

BB the Matchmaker

While my love life seems condemned to the Land That Time (and dates!) Forgot, it doesn't stop me wanting to play matchmaker to those around me.

Ms Blonde and Ms Brunette have both confessed to having a soft spot for H. H is a tall, long haired 20 something hot rod who is incredibly (for our building) single!

In fact he's hot enough to make several of the ladies I work with, pray that something mechanical goes wrong, just so he can come upstairs and fix it!

H told me he was helping set up the party venue, so probably wouldn't want to stay for the party.

"But what about your two secret admirers - Ms Blonde and Ms Brunette?" I said teasing him.

"Why won't you just tell me who they are ?", he said grinning widely.

"My lips are sealed" I said, leaving H none the wiser.

"I think you should tell him" said F on the boat ride home. "That way he can go for the one he likes the best".

"Yes, but you know how silly guys can be. I think Ms Brunette is perfect for him, but you know he'll probably just follow his groin and go after Ms Blonde"

"Not necessarily" replied F sensibly. "He might go for Ms Brunette. Tell him who they are and see what happens".

What's a BB to do? Keep silent or stir things up ?

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